For years I have wanted to collaborate with Storm in designing a ball. It is with great excitement that Storm and I proudly introduce TIMELESS. This is the first release of our new Signature Line, a series of bowling balls focused on one of a kind versatility and unique ball motion.
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The pursuit of better ball motion

I love the IQ Tour series because of it’s fast-revving design and I love the hitting power of the Hy-Road, my favourite ball of all time. These two attributes could not exist together — until now! Using Storm's cutting-edge technology, we have merged both these qualities into an industry-first weight block design: The Dual-Drive.

Two shapes, working
in perfect harmony

The Dual-Drive is a weight block that is inside another weight block, a first of it’s kind. Using the power of two weight blocks, we have established a new standard in bowling ball motion — imagine a faster revving ball with the ability to transfer energy into the pins at a higher level.
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The R2S is Storm’s most successful coverstock. However we needed a variation to the formula to work seamlessly with the new weight block. The substructure of this new version of R2S is two-part pearl and one-part solid, a first of it’s kind. This creates the most dynamic breakpoint shape found in today’s modern game.
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The Time Is Now

Introducing Timeless, the new ball by Storm Products in collaboration with Jason Belmonte. The first release in our new Signature Line series, featuring the unparalleled Dual-Drive weight block and superior R2S coverstock.
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